How To

Calendar Embedding

  • Hornet Hive Events
  • External Calendars

CSS Classes

  • What is a CSS Class?
  • How to Apply an Advanced CSS Class
  • CSS Classes at K

Footer Content

  • What is a Footer?
  • How to Edit your Footer?


  • Basic Text
  • Email
  • Images
  • Anchors


Classic WordPress Form Builder

  • Classic WordPress Form Builder Help
  • How to Access Form Submissions
  • How to Require Fields & Set Up Validation
  • How to Organize Your Web Form
  • How to Set up a Confirmation Email to Form Submitters
  • How to Duplicate a Form
  • Glossary

Gravity Forms

  • Accessing Gravity Forms
  • Overall Process
  • Adjusting Gravity Forms Settings
  • Gravity Forms Further Instruction
  • Requiring Users to Log into Your Form

Menu and Navigation

  • Changing your Site Navigation
  • Changing your Site Navigation
  • Changing your Site Navigation

News Feeds

  • What URL to Use
  • Options
  • Demo

Require Login

  • Login Require Press
  • Options

Right Sidebar

  • How to Add a Right Sidebar
  • How to Edit your Right Sidebar


  • List of shortcodes available on WordPress at K