How To

How to Start

Logging In

Depending on whether your site is at,, or, you will have a specific URL to enter. See the Login Help section to know where to log in.

Visit the menu and navigation page for further instructions on building and editing your,, or site navigation.

Editing a Page or a Post

Feel free to watch this video on Creating and Editing Pages using the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. You can also see an introduction to the Gutenberg interface for further information on editing your pages and posts in the Gutenberg Block Editor.

There are multiple ways to hyperlink information on WordPress whether it be text, an email, an image, or adding anchors. See the hyperlinking page for more instruction and the Web Accessibility: Being Inclusive on the Web training to follow accessibility rules.

Visit the Right Sidebar page to learn how to add and edit a right sidebar on pages using the Sidebar template.

See Footer Content to add and edit an intermediate footer area between your page content and the College footer.

Embedding Content

News Feeds/RSS

Did you know that you can list the latest news from your own site or another site? See the News Feeds page to have automatic listings on your website when new posts are published.


Visit the Embed a Calendar Feed page for instruction on displaying your events on your website whether you have entered them into the Hornet Hive or another external calendar that offers an iCal format feed.


Shortcodes in WordPress are bits of text you can use in the content area to invoke some kind of function to accomplish certain tasks. For example, a shortcode might allow you to embed icons, videos, fillable web forms, or other interactive elements. Visit the Additional Shortcodes page to see custom shortcodes available to K content editors.

Maps and Directions

At this time, the College does not have an interactive campus map. To provide users directions to your building please visit the Maps and Directions for Users post to see various options like Embedding or Linking to a Google map, displaying the K College campus map on your website, and sending users to the K College campus map page.

Subscribe Buttons

Invite the K community to subscribe to your posts and receive notifications soon after you publish. Visit the Adding a Subscribe Button page to learn how.


Use Font Awesome icons in your content to help your visitors navigate and engage with your content. Visit our Font Awesome Icons help page.

Restricting Access

Require login for website pages

Some content is not meant for the general public. To make sure it is seen only be members of the K College community, visit the Requiring Login page.

Require Login for Gravity Forms

Editors can restrict access and require users to log into their form. See the Require Users to Log into your Form section to restrict access.


Gravity Forms

All editors now use the Gravity Forms plugin to create their forms and manage their entries. Special extensions are available for workflow and other functionality.

Advanced Features

CSS Classes

In special circumstances Web Services will create CSS Classes that allow you to tell the block editor to display a particular block differently than it normally would. See the Advanced CSS Classes page for more information.