News Feeds

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You can list the latest news from your own site or another site. The listing is automatically updated when new posts are published.

To include news within the content of a page, use the RSS block, located under the widgets section of the block chooser and denoted with the icon.

To include news on your sidebar, use the RSS widget.

In either case, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the RSS feed you want to include.

What URL to Use

To include news published on Kalamazoo College News:

The URL is

To include only articles for your department/topic:

  • find the relevant tag in the Popular Tags listing on the right, e.g. biology
  • add “?tag=” plus your tag to the end of the URL, e.g.
  • replace spaces with hyphens on multi-word tags, e.g.

To include news published on another K WordPress site:

The URL is the site URL plus “/feed/” e.g.

To include news published elsewhere on the web:

Find the feed URL by looking for “RSS” or


You have options to set:

  • how many recent articles to include. Articles are listed newest to oldest
  • whether to list the article author
  • whether to list the article date
  • whether to include an excerpt of the article and how many words of the excerpt to include


RSS block using the URL

Default settings

With author and date, limited to last 3 posts

With excerpt, limited to last post

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