Errors and Solutions for Siteimprove Reports

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Beginning May 13th, Site Content Editors started receiving customized weekly email reports to keep our sites maintained and meet accessibility standards. Listed below are a few directions on how to resolve common errors that appear in your Quality Assurance reports.

Not Receiving a Quality Assurance Report?

Reports are sent to main editors on your website every week. If you are a main editor but you are not receiving reports please make sure to add to your approve senders list or contact Katrina at with your questions.

Common Errors and Solutions

I found a misspelling in the course catalog that is being flagged as an error on my report.

For misspellings like these please be sure to send a note to the Registrar’s office at so it can be updated in the Catalog which will then update on your site.

I have a broken link showing up in my report but when I click on it the link works.

Not to worry, this happens sometimes. One possibility is that something was going on with that website at the precise moment that the Siteimprove scanner came along. If this happens, please reach out to Katrina so she may rescan the page and clear the error.

I have a word on my website that has been reported as a misspelling but it is spelled correctly.

Please reach out to Katrina for words that are incorrectly marked as a misspelling as she can add them to the approved words list.

I have a link that “Needs Review” and it has a status of “403 Forbidden,” what do I do?

When a link has an HTTP status of “403 Forbidden” this means that the Siteimprove crawler was blocked from accessing the resource at the time which may happen because Siteimprove is a bot. Be sure to check the link manually and if it works fine let Katrina know and she will dismiss it in Siteimprove.

Extra Tip – Searching for Misspellings

Do you need an easy way to find the misspellings outlined in the Siteimprove Report? Here’s a few ways to do so:

  1. Use the site search widget on your footer or sidebar of your website. If you don’t have the search widget request a non-existent page to force the “Oops” page and you can use the search widget there.
  2. Use the search field located on the Pages tab. See the Search Pages Field section on the Three Things you Didn’t Know About the WP Block Editor video.

Additional Questions?

For questions related to your Quality Assurance report, please contact Katrina at