Embed a Calendar Feed

This page will help you display your events on your website if you have entered them into an events calendar program such as the Hornet Hive calendar or another iCal-enabled calendar.

Hornet Hive Calendar

To embed just your events from the Hornet Hive calendar, use the [kevents] shortcode.

The shortcode takes two kinds of parameters to help you narrow down the list to include only your events:

organizer: Use this parameter to include every event sponsored by your unit or organization. The value you provide must exactly match the value you select from the Organizer dropdown on the event form and displayed on the event details page.

  • [kevents organizer='Upjohn Library']
  • [kevents organizer='Center for Career and Professional Development']
  • [kevents organizer='Office of Religious and Spiritual Life']

tag: Use tags as a way to include only events of a certain type or in a certain series. Make sure the tag matches the tags entered on the event form and displayed on the event details page.

  • [kevents tag='concert']
  • [kevents tag='free food']

Both parameters can be used together. The results is a logical ‘and’ (intersection), i.e. both must be true in order for the event to be included in the list.

  • [kevents organizer='Office of Religious and Spiritual Life' tag='Community Reflection']
  • [kevents organizer='Student Activities' tag='free food']

It is also possible to embed more than one event list on the same page, using different organizers and/or tags.

Note: make sure to use straight quotes around the organizer or tag.

External Calendars

If your calendar program offers an iCal format feed, such as Google Calendar, use the [iCal] shortcode to embed it in your web page.

This shortcode takes just one parameter: url. This is the URL of the iCal feed for your calendar. URLs vary depending on calendar program. If you have trouble determining your iCal feel URL, contact Web Services for assistance.

  • [ical url='https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/abc123def456/public/basic.ics']